Scouts in the News

  1. Chicago Boy Scout To Receive Special Award For Shielding Girlfriend From Bullets - (CBS) – This evening – a South Side teenager will get an award from the Boy Scouts of America: an honor only a few other scouts have ever received in this country. It is the Honor Medal. Since 1923, fewer than 2,500 have been given out by the Boy Scouts. And now 18-year-old Lawrence Sellers – a senior at King High School – is getting one because he shielded his girlfriend from bullets just over a year ago – and he was shot in the leg. It was the same incident where Hadiya Pendleton was killed. Sellers says he’s not an “awards person.” “It’s not – well, it’s a big deal but I just feel like you don’t deserve an award for doing what’s right.”
  2. Always Prepared, 14-year-old Scout Saves His Father's Life After Freak Accident - 14 -year-old Northfield Boy Scout Karsten Singh saved his dad from drowning after a freak hot tub accident. He received the national organization’s prestigious Honor Medal A Northfield teenager who saved his father from drowning after a hot tub accident credits his Boy Scout training for helping him be prepared for the crisis. In recognition of his efforts, the Boy Scouts of America awarded Karsten Singh the Honor Medal. He received the national award during ceremonies in St. Paul last week.
  3. Windsor Boy Saves Brother’s Life In Choking Incident - WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – A family in Windsor is counting their blessings after a young boy nearly choked to death on a piece of candy. The boy was alone with his siblings when the incident happened and his 11-year-old brother came to the rescue. Eric and Gavin Ray don’t sweat the details, but the pair definitely have each other’s backs. “I first yelled for mom for help,” Eric said.
  4. Teen dies saving family by selflessly unbuckling his seat-belt and steering their SUV out of the path of a tanker after his step-father passed out at the wheel - A Philadelphia teenager has died in a car crash on his way home from his final project to become an Eagle Scout – but not before he saved four lives. When Christopher Alvelo’s step-father blacked out while driving Saturday, he unbuckled his seat belt and grabbed the wheel, steering the SUV clear of a tanker truck full of jet fuel it was about to hit. The 17-year-old’s actions saved the lives of his step-father, two other Boy Scouts in the back of the SUV and the driver of the fuel truck, his family says.