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Memories and Traditions

A few weeks ago the grandfather of one of the Scouts visited a local Troop. He was a Scout himself during the Depression in the 1930s, about 80 years ago. It was a hard time for him and many others but he had good memories of Scouting. He watched the meeting and visited with the Scouts and joined in in our closing circle for the Scoutmaster’s Minute. We then sang Scout Vespers as we always do.

His wife of 30 some odd years was with him and she noticed that the grandfather, who had not been involved in Scouting in years, still remembered the words and tune to the Scout Vespers and was able to sing with the Troop with no hesitation. He remarked to his wife afterwards that that simple song brought back all the memories. Memories of all the things he had done in Scouts, all the fun he had had, all the valuable lessons he had learned in Scouts that later helped him. It also showed him that the traditions of Scouting were still steadfast after so many years.

Memories and traditions are powerful things. Memories and tradition are an important part to Scouting. It is important to recall for both Scouts and Scouters that what we build in Scouting are memories – traditions. We build them between ourselves while following the Scout Oath and Law. They are the start of memories that will last us a lifetime.

So as you walk the Scouting trail remember the memories are what you build. Pledge yourself to build good memories, good memories of the fun you have had, good memories of the lessons you have learned.

As you go about your day reflect on the memories and traditions of Scouting that you yourself can carry forward to the betterment of all.

Your dollars, given to the Scouting program, will help change the lives of young people in our community and help them build the memories that will last a lifetime! Let’s all make a difference and become Friends of Scouting today.

As a Friend of Scouting in Southern Arizona, your donation and support has a measurable, positive effect.

The Catalina Council, Boy Scouts of America does not share, rent, or sell our donor information to any other party.

Thank You for your support

Words to Live By…

“To Do My Duty To God and My Country”… Scouts have lived by these words since 1910 and throughout the years since then, parents have counted on Scouting to help their sons grow into strong, trustworthy leaders of good character.

The Boy Scouts of America provides youth with programs and activities that allows them to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards.

How to Contribute

Friends of Scouting Secure Online Donations
Download FOS Form (PDF) and mail in

Unit Family FOS guidebook 2015

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Frequently Asked FOS Questions

Question: Is my donation Tax Deductable?
Answer: Yes, the BSA is an approved Non-Profit organization.

Question: Is there a minimum donation limit?
Answer: No, while we encourage you to donate at least enough to fund the program for one scout for one year, any donation is accepted and appreciated.

Question: What methods may I use to pay for my Donation?
Answer: You can pay with cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or be billed. Please view the FOS Donation Form to see the billing options.

Question: How do I make my donation?
Answer: Either print, fill out and send in an FOS Donation Form or attend an FOS presentation at your closest Cub or Boy Scout unit.

Question: Can I donate Stock?
Answer: Yes, call the Catalina Council Service Center at (520)750-0385 or Toll Free 1-800-765-2543 for more information.

Additional Support Programs for Scouting

Popcorn Sale Annual Fundraiser
Scouting License Plate
Donate Your Car
Donate Your Boat

Other types of contributions (contact Council/District representative)
service projects at the Double V Scout Ranch
service projects at Camp Lawton
donate camping equipment
donate office equipment to Council
volunteer your time with a District or Council committee

Who pays for Scouting

Youth Members

Assisted by their parents or guardians, boys in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Varsity Scouting and young men and women in Venturing pay their from personal savings and participation in money-earning projects.

Members buy their own uniforms, handbooks, and personal equipment and pay for their own camp fees.

Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews

Weekly or monthly dues and funds from approved money-earning projects meet expenses for supplies and activities in the Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Scout Team, and Venturing Crew. These monies help pay for camping equipment, registration fees, Boy’s Life magazine, uniform insignia, special activities, and program materials.

Community Organizations

Each chartered organization using the Scouting program provides a meeting place and adult volunteer leadership for its BSA unit(s). The chartered organization and local council must approve unit money-earning projects before the launch of the project.

Local Council

Financial resources for the local council (the local non-profit corporation chartered by the National Council) come from an annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, local United Ways, foundation grants, special events, project sales, investment income, trust funds, bequests, and gifts of real and personal property.

These funds provide for professional staff supervision, organization of new Scouting units, service for existing units, training of volunteer leaders, and maintenance of local camps. They also finance the operation of the local council service center, where volunteer leaders obtain literature, insignia, advancement badges, and other items vital to the program. In addition, the service maintains advancement and membership records.