Summer Camp

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2015 is here!  Come and join the Llama family at Camp Lawton. Every Scout dreams of fun and adventure at summer camp. Since 1921 Camp Lawton has been bringing these dreams to life.

The mighty views of Tucson provide the dramatic backdrop for this full service camp. The camp includes usage of Rose Canyon Lake for canoeing and fishing, a trading post, a .22 rifle range (where we use air rifles per Forest Service Regulations), an archery range, photography, scoutcraft, handicraft and an ecology study center. For experienced campers, Lawton offers a climbing program and a new mountain man area.

Far more important to a Scout than these wonderful facilities are the outstanding young men and women of the Lawton staff. The staff is the kind of older Scout that each camper will look up to and want to be like. They are trained at National Camp School to make every Scout feel special and give him a great camping experience.

Camp Lawton Aquatic Programs

First year campers can earn the Swimming merit badge. Second year Campers can earn the Life Saving Merit Badge. Scouts that have already earned these merit badges are encouraged to earn the BSA lifeguard Certificate or earn the Mile Swim award. (see more)

We also have Canoeing on Rose Canyon Lake. The Catalina Council, BSA has been granted access to teach the Canoeing merit badge. Come learn how to use the “J” stroke and much, much more. (see more)

Camp Lawton Shooting Sports

Join our National Camp School Trained Shooting Sports staff at Camp Lawton.  Come pull the trigger and learn how to shoot while earning the Rifle Shooting merit badge.  If you are not a sharp shooter, try your steady hand at the Archery merit badge.  Find out how to make an arrow and hit a bulls eye.

Camp Lawton Ecology Programs

If nature is calling you, stop by the Ecology center. We offer 8 merit badges: Soil and Water Conservation, Environmental Science, Nature, Astronomy, Fish and Wildlife Management, Insect Study, Plant Science and Mammal Study. Mount Lemmon offers the best views of the sky above art show of shooting stars nightly. Do not get a neck cramp by only looking up; check below your feet for tracks of turkeys, skunks, and deer.  Come take the nature walk to complete your Second Class requirement or just for fun.  Do not miss out being 8,000 feet in the air with us.

Outdoor Skills

This area offers the Pioneering, Search and Rescue, Wilderness Survival, Camping, Geocaching,  and First Aid merit badges as well as instruction for Tenderfoot to First Class rank requirements. Our multiple camp orienteering “night-eye” courses are also based out of this area. This also includes our premier “Trail to First Class” program for newer scouts.


STEM focuses on merit badges such as Chess, Digital Technology, Drafting, Mining and Society and two of the BSA NOVA Awards. All the technology will be provided at little to no cost to the participants.

Eagle Quest

Once Scouts reach the rank of First Class, their climb to Eagle begins in earnest. Our Eagle Quest area is there to help them on their way by providing them guidance toward their Eagle rank as well as earning Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Citizenship in the Community, Personal Fitness and the Communications Merit Badges.


For artistic and relaxation pursuits, Scouts may spend their time in the Handicraft area to learn skills such as Art, Basketry, Wood Carving and Leatherwork merit badges.

TREK Program

New for 2015 will be the Camp Lawton Trek Program. this program is intended for youth who are 13+ years of age. A maximum of 8 participants per week will be allowed to experience our Trek Program. The program will take the particpants on a 20-30 backpacking trip. While on the trek participants will learn skills related to leave no trace, astronomy, backpacking, camping, cooking, hiking, search and rescue, wilderness survival and SO MUCH MORE!

Summer Camp Refund Policy

All fees are refundable/transferable with-in the current reservation until May 9th payment deadline of the year your unit attends camp.

Payment for camp is $260 per Scout and $80 per adult if paid in full by May 8, 2015.

Payment for camp is $285 per Scout and $80 per adult if paid after May 8, 2015.

After May 8, 2015, the full fee is charged as ‘a no show fee’ if your number is lowered. Fees paid above the first and second payment amounts is refundable only upon written request by unit leadership under the following conditions: (use Catalina Council refund form)

-Illness of the Scout prevents his attendance at camp

-Illness or death in the family

-If the family relocation makes camp attendance impossible

-If a Scout becomes ill, while attending camp and is sent home by the camp medical personnel, the Scout shall be entitled to the pro-rated refund based on the fee minus the first and second payments

Payment Schedule:

$50.00 per youth to reserve a site
$50.00 per youth due by Friday, March 27, 2015
$160.00 per youth due by May 8, 2015 (Final Payment)
$80.00 per Adult due by May 8, 2015
$25.00 late fee begins May 9, 2015

Week 1 - Closed
Week 2 - Closed
Week 3 - Closed
Week 4 - Closed
Week 5 – 6/28 – 7/4