cub Scouts selling popcorn      It’s Popcorn Season!

Important Upcoming Dates

June 30th- Budget Meeting @ the council office 6pm-7pm (+1% Commission)

July 14th- Kernel Meeting @ the council office 6pm-7pm (+1% Commission)

August 1st – Popcorn Kick off @ U of A Stadium 9-11am Kids are Invited! (+2% commission)

August 19th- Show and Sell Orders Due @ Midnight

August 28th—Popcorn Sorting @ Graybar Tucson (3760 E. Tennessee St. Tucson, Az 85714)

August 29th– Popcorn Distribution @ Graybar Tucson(3760 E. Tennessee St. Tucson, Az 85714)

October 20th- Take orders Due @ Midnight

October 20th- ALL MONEY DUE!

October 30th- Popcorn Sorting @ Graybar Tucson (3760 E. Tennessee St. Tucson, Az 85714)

October 31st- Popcorn Distribution @ Graybar Tucson (3760 E. Tennessee St. Tucson, Az 85714)


At this time we would like you to fill out a unit commitment form to let us know who is selling this year so that we can better meet your needs. We are also asking that all Units to identify their Unit Kernel by July 30, 2014. You can register by clicking: Register Kernel Here . Our goal this year is to improve our communication with each unit through their popcorn Kernel, so we can get the Latest and Greatest information out to your unit in the quickest time possible. If you have any question about the 2015 Popcorn Program, please contact your Popcorn District Kernel.

Spanish Trails- Janiece.Morisset@scouting.org

Old Pueblo- My_AZ_Candle_lady@Hotmail.com

Cochise- svscoutshop@gmail.com

Santa Cruz Valley- Keith.Thomas@scouting.org

If you have any problems contacting your district kernel please feel free to contact the Popcorn Advisor: Tess English @ Tess.English@scouting.org


2015 popcorn budget presentation


2015 Popcorn Kernel Presentation

2015 Popcorn Commission Handout

Please visit here for training on placing orders https://youtu.be/9IWA-9EEcGA






We would like to thank all the units who sold popcorn this year, we were able to raise $119,205.65 for the units! Our top 10 units were Pack 168, Pack 776, Pack 431, Troop 774, Troop 299, Pack 231, Pack 219, Pack 774, Pack 244, and Pack 733. Below are the commissions for all the units that sold. If you are interested in selling next year please contact Tess English at (520) 750-0385 ext. 17 or at Tess.English@scouting.org Thank you for all you do for scouting!

2014 Unit Commissions