Re-charter  2016


Here’s how to get started:                         

  1. Select an adult to be the renewal processor for Internet Rechartering.
  2. From 60 to 45 days before the unit charter expiration date, the renewal processor should gather recharter material and log onto the council website.
  3. Select First-Time User and enter the unit access code
  4. Select the unit type and enter the unit number.
  5. Create a password as instructed.
  6. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by reentering your access code and password.

Here’s how to wrap it up:When you’ve completed all the information to recharter the unit, click the Submit button.

  1. Print the unit Charter Renewal Report Package, which includes the charter renewal application and lists of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults. Acquire the appropriate signatures on the application, then take the entire packet along with new applications and fee payments to the Council office or to the district turn-in meeting.

If you would like to practice before you start, the BSA has a free tuturial. TRY IT NOW

If you are ready to start click here to login or register for Internet Rechartering

Recharter 2016 FAQ