Internet Advancement

This set of SLIDES gives you information about Internet Advancement for your unit. Here is a LINK to the advancement website.

Eagle Scout Advancement Information

Eagle Scout Applicants ~ Eagle_Rank_Application_2014_fillable

Eagle Scout ~ Project Workbook

Contacts for Possible ~ Eagle Project Contacts

Check out these successful Eagle Projects for ideas for your ~ Eagle Project

Life to Eagle ~ Twelve Steps to Success

Addresses for Eagle Scouts to write to for Congratulatory Letters.

Eagle Scouts, contact the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. They will come in Revolutionary regalia and present a certificate. Contact John Lyons Sr., e-mail or phone: (520) 834-5784

To schedule an Eagle Board of Review, contact the District Advancement Chairman ~ Stanley Stachowiak, 520-722-4079, E-Mail

Merit Badge Counselors:

Here is a LINK to the Merit Badge Counselor FORM.

Merit Badge Counselor Training is now available here MB-Counselor-Training.  All Merit Badge Counselors are requested to go through this training and then take a quiz to maintain their qualification.

Merit Badge Counselor Training Quiz instructions:

1.  First, review the Training materials from the link above.

2.  You only need to take the quiz once.

3.  Sent a message to Stan Stachowiak requesting a testing registration code number.

4.  When you have the number from Stan, go to HERE.

5.  Put in your registration number, name, e-mail address, a user name and password, and click on the “Register” button.  Then login in using your new username and password and take the test.

6.  Results will display on the page when test is finished, and will look like:

mb quiz results

7.  Send a snapshot of the results page or an email to Stan telling him you completed the test.

8.  Stan will submit it to Council to update your training records.


Other Useful Links:

- Advancement Resources

- Advancement Training


mb quiz results