District Committee

Spanish Trails District Committee

Greg Durnan, District Chairman

About the District Committee

The Spanish Trails District is one of four districts in Catalina Council. It covers Eastern Pima County and Tucson, east of Campbell Avenue. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of units within the district’s territory. All districts are responsible for carrying out four standard functions: membership, finance, program, and unit service.

The membership function strives for growth through the organization of new Scouting units and growth through new members joining existing units.  Typical activities include: Boy Scout recruiting, New Unit growth, School Night for Scouting, Spring Recruiting, Webelos to Scout Transition and Venturing recruiting.

The finance function ensures that the district provides its fair share of funds to the total council operating budget.  Typical activities include: Friends of Scouting campaigns, Popcorn sales & distribution, and Camp Card sales & distribution.

The program function concentrates on helping Scouting units with camp promotion; special activities, including community service; training adult volunteers; and youth advancement and recognition.  The program function is the largest function in the District Committee.  Typically, the program function is divided up into 4 sub committees.

Activities Committee: This committee is responsible for defining and providing district-wide activities and civic service programs  that enrich the Unit programs (not replacing them).  Typical activities include: Boy Scout Camporees, Webelos-Ree, Pinewood Derby, Scouting for Food and the District Dinner.

Advancement Committee: This committee is responsible for coordinating and guiding advancement and recognition activities across the district.  They provide information, events and support to the units in these areas.  Typical activities of the advancement committee are: Boy Scout & Cub Scout advancement events & opportunities, Providing Eagle boards and reviewing Eagle Projects, and maintaining a list of properly trained Merit Badge Counselors.

Camping Committee: This committee is responsible for promoting the outdoor program for scouting units in the district.  They assist Units in establishing outdoor programs, promote camping opportunities, and holding district-wide camps and camping training events.

Training Committee: This committee is responsible for identifying District training needs for each year, organizing and providing training programs for adults and youth, tracking district level training accomplishments and ensuring that units understand what training is required and how to get it.

The unit service function provides direct coaching and consultation by district volunteers for unit adults to help ensure the success of every Scouting unit. The membership, finance, and program functions are carried out by members of the district committee. The unit service function is carried out by the commissioner staff.

Committee Meeting Information:

Location: Immanuel Presbyterian Church 9252 E. 22nd st. Tucson AZ 85710
Day and Time: Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.

District Organization Chart

Click Here to download the current district organization chart.

District Officers

Name Role
Greg Durnan District Chairman
David Germain District Commissioner
Tess English District Executive – Professional Staff
Edward Wellman District Vice-chair
Laurene Huelsman District Vice-chair, Programs

District Committee Members

Name Role
Kelly Everett Programs: Activities Committee Chair
Stan Stachowiak Programs: Advancement Committee Chair
Dave McKeehan Programs: Advancement Committee Member
Joe Reilly Programs: Camping Committee Chair
Scott Kleese Programs: Training Committee Chair
Jeffrey Hill Membership Committee Chair
(Open) Finance Committee Chair
Janiece Morisset Finance: District Popcorn Kernel
Dave McKeehan District Webmaster
Herb Cohn Religious Emblem Coordinator
Scott Smith District Youth Protection Champion
Chris Bohler OA Talala Chapter Advisor
Jerry Schneider Member at Large (OA Lodge Advisor)
Bryan Kemp Nominating Committee Chair
Mike Addotta Member at Large
Adam Perkins Member at Large

All Unit Chartering Organization Representatives are members of the District committee and are invited to attend all District Committee meetings.