Spanish Trails District

Area of Service ~ Eastern Pima County and Tucson, east of Campbell Avenue.

Find a Scout Unit ~ Click HERE, then click on Unit type tab, then enter your zip code and click go.


Spanish Trails Unit Recharter Due in November

This year all charters for all units are due at the Council Office on November 21, 2014.

For 2015, the two-month grace period that had been in effect from 1/31 to 3/31 will not apply.  If you are not properly rechartered by January 1 your charter will be void and you will need to reapply to start a new unit.

Remember that adults will not be re-registered if they are not current (within 2 years) on Youth Protection Training.

Please remember to turn your Journey to Excellence in with your charter.

Spanish Trails District Dates and Locations for 2014 Recharter Turn In:

11/4 roundtable, 11/4 East State LDS, 11/21 Final Council Office.  Our District Executive, Tess English will be available for assistance.


Spanish Trails Merit Badge Day – Nov 8

Pre-registration ended Sunday, Oct 26.  You can still register on-line, albeit at a slightly higher price.  Several of our classes are full already.  Please get your registrations in while there is still room.  See the Activities Page for more information.  Register at:


Nominations for District Award of Merit due Dec 5

Please nominate your outstanding scouters for the District Award of Merit.  The nomination form is here: District_Award_of_Merit

Completed nomination forms should be sent to Stan Stachowiak




Scouting is loads of fun, but it takes hard work to advance. Keep up the hard work as you climb toward the Eagle Award. The climb is hard but the summit is well worth it.


We want to thank all of our adult volunteers for all of their hard work in making scouting possible. Building character in the youth of America is more important today than it has ever been before.



Dec  5 & 6 Fishing Jamboree – Full


Nov 8: Spanish Trails Fall Merit Badge Day.



On the first Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm, at 6150 E. Fairmount St, (LDS Church).

Dist. Committee Meeting

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm, at 9252 E. 22nd St. (Immanuel Presbyterian Churhc).