District Committee

The Old Pueblo District Committee meets on the First Thursday of each month. Join us at 7 pm at the LDS West Stake Center, 3530 West Magee, Tucson, AZ. There is much work to be done, and we need YOUR help to make our district committee a success. Refer to the council calendar for exact dates.

                     Old Pueblo District Leadership

District Chair                        Doug Rivard                        rivard.da@gmail.com
District Commissioner        Mike Broyles                   mbaerocomp@earthlink.net
Finance                               Gina Thomas                        lakingsfanz23@gmail.com
Membership                        Jim Nelson                      jnelson5572@msn.com
Advancement                       Lydia Malis                      ljmquilt@gmail.com
Activities                             John Longhofer                     longhofer@gmail.com
Training                               Dave Tetrault                 revtetrault@comcast.net
Publicity                              Gina Thomas                        lakingsfanz23@gmail.com
Camping                              Chuck Moyer                      eagle_aguila@msn.com
Nominating Committee         Terry Newman            wm.terry.newman@gmail.com
OA Chapter Advisor               Harry Contrades                contrht@aol.com
Webmaster                           Unfilled
Popcorn Kernel                    Kimberly Ward                   oppopcornprincess@gmail.com
Popcorn Kernel #2               Unfilled
Boy Scout Roundtable          Unfilled
District Executive                Richie Benner                         richard.benner@scouting.org