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Bill Dickinson – Council Commissioner

My name is Bill Dickinson, your Council Commissioner. Tom Dew, your previous Council Commissioner, had a goal to show relevance to the role of commissioner within Catalina Council. He set out to clarify, explain, and create a ways for everyone in Catalina Council to understand why the commissioner organization exists, what they do, and how they can be a valuable resource for each scout, leader, and charter organization in Southern Arizona. I plan to continue to emphasize his goal, and add a bit of FUN along to it.

The role of commissioner in your Council becomes even more important and relevant. I believe strong relationships, communication, and organization are key to our success. I believe we can deliver FUN, as not only the enjoyment of doing something, but as a call to our role, as commissioners. FUN can also stand for Find Unmet Needs. If commissioners continue to seek out and find the unmet needs (FUN) of each of our leaders, scouts, and charter organizations, scouting becomes more FUN for all.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, and bringing more FUN, into your scouting experience.

Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. They also oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit reregisters on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.

There are three types of commissioners:

Administrative commissioners include the council commissioner, assistant council commissioners, district commissioners, and assistant district commissioners. Their primary responsibilites are recruiting, training, guiding, and evaluation the commissioner staff.

Unit commissioners are assigned to one or more units, which they serve and counsel.

Roundtable commissioners provide resources such as program skills and other help for unit personnel at regularly scheduled roundtables.


Support information for rechartering your unit


Visit the commissioners pages at the Commissioner Resources – BSA National Council Website


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Bill Dickinson
Bill Dickinson
Council Commissioner